Coffee IT documentation page

This page will be used by Coffee IT to keep documentation on the packages that we have released, and will release in the future.

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Open-source MIT Licensed. For more info see our Legal page

Bottom sheet

The Aroma BottomSheet package provides multiple customisable BottomSheets. Take a look at our example app to find out the different possiblities this package provides.

Cards carousel

The Aroma Cards carousel package provides a configurable arrangement of swipe-able card views which can be used for tutorials and other flows. Includes page indicators, skip, previous, next and finish buttons.

Emoji picker

The Aroma EmojiPicker package provides an emojipicker with automatic day and night mode, search functionality and a "recent" section which shows the last 30 emoji's that have been used.

Pincode component

The Aroma Pincode component provides a customizable pincode view. It includes an optional resend code button with a built-in cooldown and an optional divider to be placed anywhere between the cells.

Top tabbar

The Top tabBar component provides a stylized tab bar used to switch between different detail views. It comes with several customization options and useful features like loyalty to center position, built-in animations and swipe/page-ability