Aroma: our own open source components

Posted in News on November 4, 2020 by  ‐ 2 min read

Thousands of development hours each year are lost to building the same components worldwide. We want to put a stop to this! Build once, use many times. And in the process create better apps. That’s the goal of Aroma* Components.

At Coffee IT we are driven by our core values. They guide us in what we do, what we develop, and who we work with. There are four: open, go-getters, straight shooters and helpful. To be open and helpful, we believe that we don’t only need to share with each other, but also to the rest of the world. That’s why we want to share these libraries with you.

*We couldn’t resist on sticking with the Coffee theme. Aroma Rood is the signature coffee-blend of Douwe Egberts. One of the worlds biggest Coffee Roasters. Situated just a couple of kilometers from our HQ in Utrecht.

Why did we develop the Aroma components

In the last couple of years we’ve grown from a small development team to a 40+ agency with skills from strategy, design, development to marketing. In the past 8 years we’ve built apps more than 150 apps for startups, multi-nationals, medical centers and educational institutes. Every development is completely different and unique.

With all those new developments we wanted to find a way to standardise certain parts of the process. Why would you develop functionalities again and again, if you can make it once and reuse it in a sustainable way? Now with Aroma Components the code is maintained in one place. In the case of a bug, we fix it once and all apps get the update of the component.

Of course every project has his own requirements. That is why we have also made it possible to configure the component in the app.

Let’s spread our knowledge

So. All these Aroma Components are open source. That means everyone in the world can use the code in their app. We posted everything on our GitHub-page with an installation guide en overview of every parameters for customisation. Every components has an Android & iOS version. We’re also working on the web-versions of every component.